We Found Ourselves

by To Tell The Tale

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First and foremost our families, Mathieu Aubin, Gen Drake, Kyrstin Felts, Scott Girouard, Derek Hoffman, Dylan Houle, Abbie Klages, Mike MacInnis, Adam Newcomb, Morgan O’Halloran, Colin Owen, 47, Alex Puchalski, Langdon Smith, Toel, Matt Williams, Chef and everyone at Shagwell’s, Emerson Ireland at L&M, The Peach, Against All Odds [RIP], Among The Echoes, Bathurst, Brighter Brightest, The Heights, July, Kid Stallion, Like Pacific, We Were Sharks, Presstime Design, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Goldeneye 64, and especially anyone who bought this CD & supports the canadian music scene.


released June 15, 2012

We Found Ourselves was recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Adam Newcomb at Newcomb Studios in Cobourg, Ontario. Album art by Matt Williams & artistic layout by Alex Drake.

All music written and composed by To Tell The Tale. All lyrics written by Christian Drake, except track 1 by Christian Drake & Scott Girouard. Additional keyboards by Alex Drake.

To Tell The Tale is:

Alex Drake - Guitar
Christian Drake - Vocals
Andrew Meadows - Drums
Nick Eeuwes - Bass/Vocals
Andrew Brunette - Guitar



all rights reserved


To Tell The Tale Whitby, Ontario

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Track Name: Suits And Martinis
Sometimes I think of what could change in a year
And lately I've been thinking too much,
So these thoughts just appear.
We've had our share of the good and the bad,
I never thought you'd forget everything we had.

You found your home, we found ourselves.

We don't see your face around anymore,
But we've been playing this game since about '04.
If you ask me, I don't have regrets at all.
I still hope we'll meet again in Montreal.

Who have you been, who will you be today?
I can't tell, 'cause you're constantly changing.

We found ourselves, you found your home.

Screaming these things that make no sense (new year's eve),
Walking these streets (10PM),
Searching for somewhere (in Montreal).
Throwing street signs in the lake
Because we don't care
We're having the time of our lives.

I'll never throw these memories away;
I wouldn't be the person I am today.
If you ask me, I don't regret any fucking thing.
We found ourselves.
Track Name: The Implication
Today I opened up the top drawer of my old dresser
Of my old empty room.
I thought to myself,
So much has changed in these past years.
I don't know how I ended up
Becoming such a pessimist.
It seems that I've felt that life's a sick game
And that I'm losing it...

I realize the implication
I open my eyes

Keep smiling if they tell you what you can't do
Be inspired by the ones who believe in you
We won't let them bring us down
Their thirsts are quenched if they see you try and fail
So don't give in, that ship hasn't sailed
We won't let them bring us down

With changed perspective it isn't hard to see
You're so pathetic, it's jealousy.
Your life, based on fake success
You fail to see you're just a mess
My friends will stand by me 'til the end

So listen up
Keep on striving to reach your full potential
And remember, you're never alone.

We all regret the choices that we make
But it's time to learn from our mistakes.
So fight it, and don't give in.
The tides have changed
We won't let them win.
Track Name: History Repeats
...And I have so many different selves and
Which one will I choose to be today?
I might not be so pleasant because
These dark clouds have gathered up above me.

And I just don't feel like I've found where I'm headed yet.

So I keep up this daily routine and
Hold on to fears that this was never meant to be.
We rose our glasses
But I guess ours were half filled and yours were half empty.

I'm sorry if I sound too self-involved,
I just need to sort my own shit out
Before I change the topic
And move on from this for good.

Even though we shared the same history
Our future just wasn't meant to be.
We rose our glasses
But I guess ours were half filled and yours were half empty.
Track Name: It's Not A Chase, It's A Pursuit
When I walk by that familiar place
Oh I'm still reminded of that road and how it used to be.
'Cause I know that things are different this time
And I know that we put this all behind.

I knew it wouldn't come to this place
Where we don't co-exist.
Winters always felt too cold,
Those stories should remain untold.

I am no longer afraid
I have the strength to pull myself together
No, I won't hesitate
To live today with no fear of what tomorrow brings

It's funny how easy it is for us to fall apart
And how often we dream that all we need is a fresh start
It's easier to run away than finding a solution

Oh, there's always so much we would change if we could just go back
But going back would never make a difference,
Because the higher we get means
The further we fall.

I am finally ready to face the reality.

We've looked back at the moment so many times,
We laugh at how it tore away.
We didn't succumb,
No, we would not give up.
Just like a tire, our woes will be replaced.

We found ourselves.